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Microsoft CSP Partner - Migration Services

Expert Cloud
Migration Services

We will provide services that would guarantee success from planning to execution of your cloud migraton.


We know cloud migration

Different organizations will require different approaches to adopting to the cloud. No matter the size or nature of your business, we’ll guide you in the right direction and ensure you meet your migration goals by strategically planning and executing solutions specific to your needs.

We guarantee services that will help you create the right plan and maintenance framework to migrate to the cloud intelligently, and our managed services will help you maintain peak performance and security.

Phase 1

Professional consulting services to explore cloud migration feasibility, DevOps implementation, and a high-level roadmap for recommendations.

Phase 2

We’ll provide an in-depth assessment of your environment and app dependencies along with a proposed plan, methodology, cost and timeline.

Phase 3

We’ll create a minimal disruption plan for your migration, and determine the best combination of tools and professional services for your needs.

Phase 4

After extensive testing, we’ll execute the migration plan and provide up-to-date status during each migration phase, ensuring a seamless go-live event.

Phase 5

After your migration, we can provide full suite of 24×7 managed services to make sure your environments are always secure, reliable, and fully optimized.